Starwood Rafters, can custom-build and provide a wide range of products including:

Timber Trusses custom built to your design. They can be built using either solid timbers or Glu-Lams, rough-sawn or smooth. We can build them with steel gusset plates or with hidden connections. They will give your project a massive and bold appearance.

Custom Built Trusses such as the low-tied arch which can be designed to your specifications. These are usually designed to be spaced at 2' or 4' on center depending on the loading you need. We can also do a custom design with our Lam-Ply Truss such as a round barn as shown in the pictures.

Glu-Lam Beams for any project you desire, either architectural grade or industrial grade. They can be straight or curved. We can provide them using many different wood species, such as Douglas fir, Southern Yellow Pine, Cedar or Ponderosa Pine.

Laminated Columns sized to the loading you desire. Fully laminated with finger joints, they are stronger than a solid-sawn or nail-laminated column.

Laminated Roof Decking We are a supplier for Filler King Laminated Decking.

Solid Timbers rough sawn or smooth to the size you need.

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