The I-Lam beam is designed for single slope spans up to 34 feet. It combines CDX plywood with dimensional lumber for a beam that can span farther than single ply LVL beams, and is more economical than multiple ply LVL beams.

All I-lam beams can be custom made to the proper loading, span and pitch and can have overhang tails to speed erection time.

I-Lam Beams available in the sizes
Depth 12" - 16" - 18" - 24"

Chord size and plywood thickness depends on span and loading that you desire.



  • I-Lam beams combine plywood with dimensional lumber nailed and glued for superior strength and dimensional stability
  • Purlin hanger system between I-Beam rafters eliminates bird nesting areas
  • I-Lam Beams have more load-bearing and spanning capabilities than dimensional lumber & LVL beams
  • I-Lam Beams can be spaced up to 16' on center depending on span and loadings

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