With a Starwood Rafter's Laminated Gothic Arch building, you get versatility, economy and quality. The Gothic Arch buildings' floor space is useful thanks to the arch's high, clear span design up to 80'. The arches have a shape that naturally resists wind and snow loads in order to provide you with more building area for your money. Our Gothic Arches are manufactured with structurally graded wood and bonded together with a waterproof glue.

The Gothic Arch building design has many applications, such as livestock housing, storage, or residential.

The arch comes in two pieces connected at the ridge with a steel plates and bolts and at the base with a custom designed base shoe.

Due the flexibility of this type of product, we can make almost any size of arch to fit your design needs.

Because of the two-piece construction, they must be set directly on a floor to withstand the outward thrust.



  • Laminated Rafters are strong because of a uniform load distribution over the total length of the rafters.
  • The High Arch Design provides useful floor space and allows the free movement of air to naturally move up and out of the building.
  • The attractive shape of the arch naturally resists wind and snow loads.

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