The Starwood Gambrel Rafter can be used to give your building the classic barn look or can be used for an economical storage solution.


  • Volume of building equal to gothic type building.
  • Design is flexible enough to fit your own design needs. Either use our standard design or we can custom-build to your design. Must be set on a floor to withstand the outward thrust of the design.
  • Easy applications of steel roofing.
  • Quick installation of side doors.
  • Building spans up to 50' wide.
  • Rigid frame constructions with a continuous laminated interior core.
  • Lower cost per sq. ft of loading with 12' on center erection.
  • Can be spaced up to 12' on center depending on the load you desire.
  • Joist hanger system between gambrel rafters speeds erection and provides a more stable building.

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