Simple in design, flexible in applications. Ideal for residential, commercial, recreational and agricultural buildings.

The Lam-Ply Truss is the original Starwood Rafters Truss and still our most popular product. They are built in our Independence, Wisconsin factory and shipped all over the U.S..


  • Spans up to 72 feet.
  • Most spans can be spaced up to 12 feet apart, depending on the load you desire.
  • Combines Glu-Lams CDX Plywood and dimensional lumber for a truss that is stronger than a conventional truss.
  • Assembled with exterior-grade adhesives that can hold up better in high-moisture environments than a steel-plated truss.



  • Longer spans without extra support posts or columns.
  • More head room. You gain clearance because the bottom cord is raised.
  • By spacing further apart, you save in construction costs by having to install fewer columns and trusses.
  • Shop assembled. Comes to the site ready to install. Weather delays are minimized by quick enclosure.
  • Hanger system to keep roof purlins flush with the top of the truss and no open webs eliminates nesting areas for birds.
  • The raised bottom chord design improves ventilation in livestock facilities versus a conventions "web" truss.

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